Dimitar Munev

Dimitar is a two-time national vice-champion in 4x.
In 2015 he swithced from DH and 4x to Enduro.
He was ranked 2nd overall in the national ranglist for Enduro in 2016.
In 2017 he is ranked 3rd overal in the national ranglist for Enduro.
Dimitar is looking forward to that top step in Bulgarian Enduro.


2017 Bansko Enduro | BG Series 19.08.2017 Enduro Men Elite 1st
2017 Bulgarian 4X Najonals 24.06.2017 4X Men Elite 2nd
2017 EWS Vol.5 | BG Series 30.04.2017 Enduro Men Elite 3rd
2016 Blago Enduro | BG Series 23.10.2016 Enduro Men Elite 4th
2016 Elevajon999 | BG Series 04.09.2016 Enduro Men Elite 4th
2016 Bansko Enduro | BG Series 21.08.2016 Enduro Men Elite 6th
2016 Bulgarian 4X Najonals 23.07.2016 4X Men Elite 2nd
2016 Enduro Warriors Challenge | BG Series 30.04.2016 Enduro Men Elite 1st