Miroslav Minchev

Miro has been cycling with DRAG Bluebird since the end of 2012.


2013 - Grand Prix Lvov (Ukraine) two silver medals - for 200 m and Keirin.

Minchev broke the national record for the second consecutive year with DRAG Bluebird. In addition to 1000 m, Miro took gold for the 200m and the Italian stage of the nationalcycling championship on August 18th.

 2014- Once again he is the state champion in the 200m stage and the 1000m stage.

2015 –The Razgrad cyclist’s Miroslav Minchevfor the eighth time improved the national record.

2016 - Balkan Championship for Men and Youths - 16-17.04.2016, Athens

2 silver medals:

  • 1 km time trial- Miroslav Minchev / Razgrad /
  • Team Sprint

3 bronze medals:

  • speed - Miroslav Minchev
  • Team sprint for men - Miroslav Minchev, Nikolay Stanchev / Razgrad /, Nikolay Genov / Plovdiv /
  • Keirin - Miroslav Minchev

2017 - Cycling champion Miroslav Minchev is already winning medals as a coach witha silver medal for his team - Sprint Cycling Club –Razgrad at the national track championships in Plovdiv.

2017 - Gold medal at the Balkan Cup for 200 m and 1000 m