Drome 40 Disc Clincher Front Wheel

Drome 40 Disc Clincher Front Wheel

550.00 €

A true all rounder that knows no limits - full carbon clincher guaranteed to perform well in all conditions.

Its higher profile makes it crosswind friendly and especially suitable for fast group riding. 


UCI Approved Wheels

Bicycles and equipment used in competition across the different disciplines are at the forefront of the latest technology.

The rules governing the use of equipment aim to ensure both the safety of riders and the fairness of competition while at the same time making the most of the advantages that technological evolution can bring to cycling.


Getting carbon wheels UCI approved is important as it is necessary for them to be raced in sanctioned cycling races. UCI carbon wheels that have been approved undergo testing to ensure they are safe to ride.

Thru Axle

Precise Balanced Rim

Straight Spokes

CX-RAY Polyaxe Inside

Reinforced Hole Lacing

Aero Flow Profile

DISK Brake Profile

Internal Carbon Bridge

Tubleless type



Rim Material: T700S Carbon by Toray Group Japan
Rim Profile: Tubeless Clincher for Disc brake
Rim Size: 700c
Rim Width: Internal 17.5, External 25mm
Rim Depth: 40mm
Weight: 655g
Hub: Front with 2 SB 12x100 OLD, Alloy CNC Structure, Center Lock
Spokes: Sapim Aero CX-Ray Black spokes and nipples: Front:24H
Nipples: Sapim Polyax 14G with Secure Lock, Black, Lenght:14mm, Front:24H

Available for order as a set also

Part Number: 03010240